“If you ain’t first you’re last”
If you’re in the market for OME 613 assembled coils hold off because there seems to be an issue in manufacturing. I attempted to install them in conjunction with my bulletproof since they are advertised as 2.5” and I’m currently running FATBOBS 3” which netted me closer to 4”, the OME gave me so much lift I COULD NOT bolt the ball joint to the spindle. It was nowhere close to bolting up. The jack was lifting the entire truck!. I’m obviously banned over at .COM but I’d let them know to think twice about it.

Im working on a different configuration to be able to run them. I’ll make another thread on it but long story short the bulletproof is coming off. It has outlived its usefulness.

Im having Holden (SquattingPigeon) get in contact with this guy so I can let him know he’s not alone.