Smart Watches


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What smart watch are you using?

I may be in the market for a new one.

Ive owned a Fitbit charge and charge 2 and got a Ionic for a gift 2 years ago. It’s been a great watch. I’ve never had any issues with it. I have recommended it to many people.
Last Sunday it just went dark. It just turned off. I was able to do a hard reboot on it and charged it up to 100%. I then went into the app and updated it to Later that day I hit 10,000 steps and it alerted me like it does. I had 95% battery life. About an hour later I went to look at what time it was and the screen was dark and it would not turn on. I tried the hard reboot again and it didn’t work.
I called customer service and they had me go through trouble shooting. After they couldn’t fix it they offered me 25% off to buy a new one.
I went to the internet and it seems like the update bricked my Ionic. Basically Fitbit just stole a $250 watch from me by making it useless from their update. Many people are saying they are having the same issue. I guess google is in the works of a deal to purchase Fitbit. All I can think is Fitbit just killed hundreds of watches to increase revenue by offering 25% off a new watch. Crazy to think a company would do that. I have not had any issues with this watch up to this point and it was in excellent condition. With the number of other people complaining about the same issue after the update I can’t see it being anything but thievery.


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I’ve had the fit watches, older versions. When it finally broke, went and picked up a new one only to discover all the apps are a payment

At that point I ended up picking up the new Apple watch.
I chose it the Wifi version. I saw no reason to spend the extra money on cell service, since It tethers off your phone anyway. If you want to really save money on them, check the prices at Costco, or something similar and price match against Best Buy. I ended saving an additional $150. This allowed for me to get the Applecare warranty. Always get the AppleCare warranty.