The panic has hit


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Good grief the panic has hit

local Walmart is sold out of toilet paper and paper towels
We are getting a rush here the stuff is flying off the shelf literally

so I took a break and said f it and panic bought lol

Cases of water are now being limited to 4 per purchase

when we are out re supply is going to be extended

I am now trading toilet paper for sex
4 sheets for a hour ladies


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It’s like that everywhere. Oregon just announced no events over 250 people. Concerts, shows etc canceled for the next 4 weeks. I won’t be surprised if they shut down all schools.
There is something they're not telling us.
If they try to implement martial law it’s game over.

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So by noon today my store had sold thru all the toilet paper we had on hand, I cant count how many packages of paper towels.

I heard from my cashier that her daughter was running around the okc area and that even a sams club was sold out of toilet paper.

Its like the apocolypse has hit LOL..

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I currently have about a 30 week supply on hand LOL..


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Pretty soon everyone is going to need to carry their own roll with them because it is only a matter of time until all the public bathrooms are going to be raided for toilet paper.