Tundras are made of tissue paper FML


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So... today went to look at some vacant land to buy. It was all fun and games until a lack of communication. A word of advice do not take hand waving as a come on thru when spotter is losing her balance. Ug! Admin was the spotter, the arm image is to show that the Tundra has influence over stinging nettles and will punish the driver.



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Wow there’s a lot to unpack here...

What in the everloving hell happened to your arm? Wtf is a stinging nettle and how the shit did you get a tree in your wheel well.

Also, what part is tissue paper? If it’s the sheet metal than I agree.


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A plant did that to you!? For the love of god... we don’t even have poison ivy here. You can keep those people eating plants to yourself.

As for the sheet metal, no argument there, it’s not great. The paint on these things so thin I look at it the wrong way and it’s scratched through to the primer.


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Probably shoulda had someone outside of the truck indicating to the pilot which way to steer.

(tee hee)
Yes it was a failure for the driver to not recognize the hand wave as trying to regain balance and not face plant, not come hither. :poop:


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OH man! The 5.29 gears the skid plates, the k02's all f u c k i n g AMAZING! I only cried a little, going to talk to our body guy as home much to install and paint flared FG quarters and fenders :)
So jelly! Still rocking stock tires at the moment.

Which skid plates do you have? The cost of having fun sucks sometimes lol


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Just throw some fender flares on it. That fiberglass won’t be anymore durable than the steel and will spider Web and shatter and all kinds of fun stuff when you hit it again.
I have Bushwhackers for it. The front ones need to be modified, the body guy is going to look when I take it in, going to inquire about color match.


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This is stinging nettle.

Actually, she was more pissed that this stuff was all around the driver's side door. I had to stomp it all down. Apparently, this type of thistle does not feel good through leggings.