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Here in the coastal area of Texas we have been having some very unusual weather. The tides have been abnormally high and we have had some severe storms including the one that is going on. Lots of hail, winds, and moderate rains. Was just notified the Tundra crew/group in San Antonio got pounded last with lots of hail something like over 100 Tundras were lost ( not sure of the number but it was a bunch)!!!! Everyone be aware of changing weather condition and be prepared to take shelter or in our case be ready to get the hell off the island and get to the mainland!!! I have a weird feeling that there is going to be some severe storms all summer long!!!!! Be Safe!!!!!:)


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We don't get hail big enough here to do much, if any, damage at all. We also only get hail maybe twice a year. I've seen pics of hail down in Texas. Golfball and softball sized stuff. No way I'd park a vehicle outside if I lived down there!!


Just our typical June (yes I know it's still May, but close enough) weather here. Hot and dry as fuck, 108 tomorrow.

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Rain here that wont end. Severe weather back on 05/07 nailed my truck, it gets bailed out f the body shop tomorrow, she is out of paint and ready for reassembly.

I really detest Oklahoma weather most of the year.