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Tired of the Ban Hammer on .com
Not looking at lifting. Just pissed off I don't have a motorcycle or a trailer for my shit. But I got a nice Tundra 2.5 with 80K and think it will be there till I'm gone. Hoping to get some nice tires. But I'm really getting queer for a 1200 HD Sportster. Told my wife she doesn't get gasoline and jugs

I need a big ole trailer to carry my stuff out on.

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That’s what they did to me. Deleted me. I watched all my posts disappear in real time. I felt like Marty McFly. .org was my come back.
What was your name there?
Kinda curious if everyone kept the same names? I changed mine


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You guys will be the 1st to see the new gen Tundra if I don't lose my job before it comes out. Plant is still shut down till the 20th.
I thought they were busy making masks, filters, and other viral related things.


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Another reason for not having a ban thread. On all of the gun, hunting, and fishing sites I have seen, the OTHER place is the only one that has this. The others it is not even allowed to ask or bring up anyone that is gone, that is grounds to be banned right then and there.