What have you done to your 2.5 gen today?


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@JIM LE 1301 Got around to installing the light bar that you suggested. I used the adaptors from Amazon, bought new like used for under $25 for both parts. The closer I get to having all installed the more I am beginning to feel should have bought a 1ton or 3/4 ton truck for the trailers I like. There has been a woman in the shop that is looking for a Tundra, I referred her to dot com a few weeks ago. She wants something similar to mine... when she comes in will tell her to make me an offer I can't refuse :)
Then you can finally get that voodoo blue Platinum! 🥳


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Did some upgrading this weekend. Took out the CZD wheel, it is up for grabs, pay shipping and it is yours, has a small issue with the Carbon fiber :( Installed a leather 4Runner wheel :) The CZD comes with the 2018 + Controls.