What's Your Latest Purchase?

Squatting Pigeon

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I keep adding those to cart then backing out. They look great but I want to see installed pics of the cement colored ones before I decide to jump.
They've been sitting in my cart forever, and I just snagged a set for a few bucks less from someone that accidentally bought 2.
I havent seen any complaints from folks that have used other color matched AJT stuff.

War Machine

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Does that go with the post above yours?
It absolutely can. I recommend safety razors to everyone. They work just as well for women as they do men.
Way cheaper than using disposable or other razors, and does a much better job. It is seriously a game changer. I always had irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs until I made the switch about five or six years ago.

You can get a good quality razor for 20-30 bucks, and a hundred blades for 10 dollars. Just checked my Amazon account, and the last time I bought blades was in December of 2017. I still have about 15 left. For 40 bucks you’ll be good for years.