What's Your Latest Purchase?

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I just bought a 75qt nICE rotomolded cooler 🤘
Update (rant):
Overstock.com shipped a 45 qt rather than a 75 qt :rolleyes:
So I called them up and they say there arent any more 75s in the color I ordered. They have tan and seafoam :)sick:) left. I say "fine, send me the tan one" since it was my backup color anyway...
So this was 4 days ago, and they do 2 day shipping, but I've yet to see the cooler at my door. So I go into my o.com account and see that the replacement cooler had been cancelled. Wtf??
I call up again, and they tell me the tan is now out of stock too, so I can have the seafoam or nothing. Sonofabitch. :mad:
(I chose nothing btw)

Now I'm all bent out of shape because I have a store credit with Overstock and I don't want to buy shit from them at this point. They have a 90 qt in the same brand, but its another $100 and I just don't want to spend that extra hundo, plus its more cooler than I need or want.



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I got 20 stripper clips and a sling for my SKS from a guy at work . $20 for it all. Not bad considering market price for the sling is $20 and stripper clips are usually $1.50 each.


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Welp...still waiting for sliders. But i just pulled the trigger on a Datinfab bedrack, total chaos bed stiffeners, torx bit set, and red skateboard deck tape to put on sliders for extra grip where you step to get in.


To Jew or not to Jew
Sliders have charged to cc. Email saying delivery details soon! Worst case scenario, it takes a month to be delivered, powder coated, and ready for pick up. Bed stiffeners should be here Monday. Bedrack is on order, but lead times say 2-3 weeks, so hopefully about the time i get my sliders.